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Keeping pets at your side, one day at a time

We offer low- or no-cost services to qualifying clients, including delivering supplemental pet food and supplies, medicines, preventive veterinary care and more to keep animals happy and healthy and with their families for life.

Pets are an important part of our emotional support network. Our pets are a source of warmth, trust and unconditional love, asking for very little in return. The terminally ill and elderly face many changes in their lives. They experience loss of health, while some lose financial stability, employment and even friends. They may also experience difficulty in maintaining their pets because of the financial and physical care challenges that sometimes result from their conditions. In these times, the companionship of their pets offers real emotional and psychological benefits.




We provide assistance to our clients in maintaining the health and wellbeing of their companion animal, including delivery of supplemental food, supplies (e.g., cat litter), and preventive medicines (e.g., flea and heartworm medication).



We can provide clients help in obtaining professional, preventive pet healthcare through our network of partner veterinarians. Due to limited funding, PetPALS does not provide emergency veterinary assistance, and cannot accept new clients if their pet(s) requires extensive medical care. Our partners offer annual screenings and access to vaccinations and annual medications only.



Basic grooming services to help improve animal quality of life, including dog nail trimming and coat mat removals.



Our volunteers can offer transportation to grooming and veterinary appointments for our clients’ pets only.



We act as a resource and referral network and can provide health and educational information, including “safe pet” guidelines to owners. We also offer a speakers bureau about our programs and the issues we are concerned with.

Download and complete the full application or complete this form today.



Assistance may be made available in planning to ensure continuous pet care, and legal resources and referrals for wills and power-of-attorney documents.

PetPALS is unable to support all applications, and cannot assist with new applications for pets in emergency need of veterinary assistance. Please visit our Resources page for potential new resources for you.


PetPALS extends our limited resources to qualifying candidates only. To qualify you should meet the following criteria:

  • All clients MUST reside in Camden, Gloucester or Burlington counties in New Jersey.

  • Low-income senior community members without the funds to purchase such necessities as pet food, cat litter and flea medication. 

  • Disabled, chronically ill or terminally ill pet owners who need help with procuring pet food and supplies for their beloved dog or cat.

  • All clients must have had their pet for more than six months, and the pet must be altered. (If you need assistance getting your pet altered, we can refer you to free or low-cost surgeries offered in each county we serve.)

  • PetPALS is unable to assist with new applications for assistance with pets who have significant health issues or emergency veterinary care needs. If you need help paying veterinary bills, check out Care Credit at

To request an application, please contact us today.

If you have an emergency situation or require help outside our service area, we have assembled a brief list of resources available in New Jersey. Please visit our Resources page for more information.

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