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PetPALS of Southern New Jersey helps improve quality of life for needy pets of independent-living seniors.

The PetPALS Impact


Vet Care & Pet Food

PetPALS provides preventive veterinary care and offers supplemental food support for financially-needy seniors and people living with chronic illness.


Serving the Community

Our PALS engage clients monthly to help understand the changing needs of their pets, and help PetPALS better understand the needs of the community.


Joining the Fight

PetPALS believes we are all in this fight together. We support local organizations and arts communities through our events, and we need the support of the community to survive.



A 501(c)3 non-profit, PetPALS of Southern New Jersey, Inc. was founded to provide simple, direct services to pet owners, offering low-cost food, medicine, access to grooming and preventive veterinary care for our clients' companion animals. Our mobilized volunteer network offers fellowship and pet transport to help your pet pal stay healthy and with you as long as possible.​


Our assistance is available to pet-owning people who have a terminal or chronic, debilitating illness, or a financially-needy senior citizen, and who reside in Camden, Gloucester or Burlington Counties in southern New Jersey. Our services are only limited by the availability of volunteers and resources, although certain programs may be made available to those individuals demonstrating financial need.

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